Just The Gurlz- The Movement

Women's Empowerment Group

Our Mission is to help woman in all stages of their life. It is our goal to help women to stand on their own two feet. To stand strong emotionally, physically and financially. 

We provide you with the support to help you move from where you are to where you need to be. We focus on the whole woman and provide personalized support where she needs it most.   We motivate and inspire women to reach the goals they set for themselves.    

We tackle topics like credit, childcare, financial planning, stress management and work-life balance. Our Financial literacy workshop will teach the women how to become economically independent. We go over yearly budgets and investing in their future goals.   

Meet ups Coming Soon- Philadelphia, Atlanta & Online!

We are a Movement because we not stationary, we will be moving across the city then the state and across the country taking care of multitudes of women along the way. 

  Join us at a in-person or Virtual meet up!  We can support each other in our respective journeys. The cmmunity can;t wait to Welcome YOU!

Rose Coaching Empowerment Meets Success!

Real Women...Real Growth

 Our Vision  is that every women that enters the  Just the Gurlz community will  find their way and their voice. We want our Gurlz to live on purpose and live their best life ever.     

This is a group born out of the need for support outside of our family structures. 

This is a NO-JUDGEMENT SAFE SPACE where Gurlz can express their needs and concerns.   JTG (Just The Gurlz) will not only provide the emotional and moral support but access to resources. Resources to handle everyday issues like housing, credit, financial planning, health, fitness and much more. 

JTG will help to facilitate a process to get from where you are to where you want to be!

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